Focus Is

  • Consistency
  • Repeatability
  • Higher Quality
  • Greater Yield

When you’re looking for consistency, repeatability, higher quality and greater yield, focus is everything.

Introducing Argus FOCUS, an innovative software solution for cultivation optimization that provides you the information and tools you need to plan and then steer your crops to better outcomes.

Laptop and Phone

FOCUS is a tool to visualize a crop over time, and since I can pull all data onto one screen, its very powerful for me.

-Albert Grimm, Head Grower, Jeffery’s Greenhouse

Albert Grimm
Photo courtesy of Brian Sparks
Create a Plan

With Argus FOCUS, you can create your own cultivation recipes to guide growing of every batch. You can plan your environmental set points and production events, like plant movements, irrigation and crop treatments, over the entire batch lifecycle. And, develop a library of plans that can be reliably repeated.

Monitor & Steer

With an intuitive and customizable dashboard of your production metrics, combined with environmental data pulled directly from your Argus system, Argus FOCUS makes it easy to monitor progress against your plan so you can respond in real-time to variations.

Analyze & Improve

With Argus FOCUS, you can analyze your results – batch by batch – with an integrated view of lifecycle cultivation data and your production metrics. Then, develop actionable insights to improve future outcomes or replicate previous results.

Is Argus FOCUS for me?

  • Get all the information you need about a batch in a single place to monitor progress, identify issues and steer your crop:

    • Visualize environmental data automatically recorded from your Argus TITAN system by batch no matter how many different zones they move through
    • View data and activities for each batch that you manually add to a calendar at any time in the growth cycle, such as actions taken, results logged, and other notes
    • View information that is automatically captured about the growing cycle, such as days in stage, total growth cycle, and movement events
    • Ease data collection and improve accuracy by eliminating multiple resources like production journals, spreadsheets, and whiteboards
  • Repeat your results by encoding your best practices into plans for each varietal and track batches against those plans:

    • Use plans as recipes to capture your knowledge and standardize growing practices that your whole team can follow
    • Define your own targets for environmental conditions, plant characteristics and other production metrics
    • Set tasks, movement events, and instructions on a growth-cycle calendar
    • Set the attributes that are most important for you to track to achieve results
    • Adjust plans over time based on outcomes and learnings, which may include the introduction of new approaches or technologies
  • Readily see all the information you need in one place when a batch varies from plan so you can take action:

    • View all the inputs to your batch in a single location to provide a complete picture
    • Customize your dashboard with your key growing variables, monitor against plan, and identify anomalies as they occur
    • For each batch, visualize your key environmental data from TITAN and manually-entered information stitched together over all zones over its growth cycle – all in a single chart - to help identify where things went off plan
    • Get feedback and input from others by adding users to Argus FOCUS
  • Easily analyze a full view of lifecycle inputs and outcomes of any batch and assess opportunities to improve:

    • Capture success metrics at any time during or after the growth cycle
    • Look back through batch data to identify factors that contributed to specific or unexpected results
    • Use learnings to adjust growing plans to better achieve desired outcomes in the future
    • Label batches to readily identify those with particular results for repetition, improvement or further analysis

If you checked yes to any of these, request a demo to learn more.

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Monitor Your Substrate.
Improve Your Outcomes.

With Argus FOCUS and wireless sensors from Argus, you can seamlessly monitor substrate conditions to get the information you need to improve plant health and quality, optimize production outcomes, and reduce costs.

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Manage tasks and capture data on-the-go!

Get rid of notepads, jotters and scraps of paper for good. Download to your phone the new Argus Controls app – a bridge to Argus FOCUS that lets you manage tasks and notes and enter data in real-time as you walk your crop or when you are away from your desk.

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Growing With You

Built for all kinds of growers, Argus FOCUS provides the information and insights you need today for optimizing your cultivation. And, it's a platform that will integrate new data sources, advanced technologies and intelligence in the future as you grow.

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